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How We Avoid Hangovers

Avoiding Hangovers

Well spoiler alert! We are not in our early 20’s any more! Haha We don’t know about you, but we enjoy having a few glasses of wine on the weekends and our kids are still up super early! So, we have partnered with PartySmart and they have sponsored our very own hangover-prevention guide, all opinions are our own.

Hangovers are something that just about all of us have experienced at some point in time. After spending a night 

out drinking, you may wake up in the morning with your head feeling heavy and your stomach in knots. We have all had that moment where we decided that we are quitting drinking, to prevent this awful feeling from happening again. But then it’s girls’ night and that red wine is calling our name!

Even though we all know that alcohol can lead to hangovers, we still indulge – there are lots of studies floating around about the effects of red wine and that it does have some positive effects on the body – Which is what we tell ourselves a lot! Haha

But once in a while we have all been hit with the negative effects of a hangover.

What we do to avoid Hangovers:

  1. Moderation is the key. The easiest way to avoid hangovers is to drink in moderation – and never get drunk. Sooo this is a tough one! And not so helpful if you’re in the midst of a hangover!! But had to be mentioned!
  2. Stay hydrated! It has been said that the headaches associated with hangovers stem from dehydration. Drinking water through the night helps! We wish we took that advice more often! With alcohol being a diuretic, it will make you make you run to the bathroom often. When you wake up in the morning with a bad headache and turn to coffee, which is also a diuretic, the process of dehydration actually gets worse. We love a Sugar Free blue sports drink in the morning before coffee, if we had a few drinks the night before!
  3. PartySmart. For a better morning we like to use PartySmart! It’s nice cause it is just a quick pill to take before you start drinking. It speeds up the elimination of acetaldehyde from your liver, which builds up when you consume alcohol. We love that it’s less expensive than a cup of coffee and we can keep it our purses – for those unscheduled girls’ nights!
  4. Don’t mix alcohols. Beer is digested very fast by your body, which is why you should always drink beer first if you plan to mix drinks. Beer is digested the fastest and will also help your body to absorb any other drinks you have faster, so they say.
  5. Get Moving. We love a walk or a good workout class the morning after a few glasses of wine. Even though a hangover makes us want to stay in bed, the secret to getting yourself back on track is movement. To get all the toxins out you need to sweat.

We want to hear your advice on avoiding hangovers! Leave us a comment and make sure to check out PartySmart, it’s a great aid to make the next day much more bearable! We have a code for 20% off your next PartySmart order on Amazon, too! It’s SISTERS20, you’re welcome!

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Wine and Food Pairing – Let’s get Sweet


Wine And Food Pairings

With the 2 Kennedy Sisters

Do you look forward to pairing your favorite meal with a good quality wine? Are you worried that you are required to have an extensive knowledge about pairing wine and food in a correct order. Well we are here to tell you that you can’t fail! Well you probably can come up with some really odd pairings that may not be every ones favorite, but you can do it! 

When pairing wine and food you can come up with tastes that include extra sweetness, bitterness, alcoholic properties and non-desirable  metallic flavors. But playing around with different pairings will help to figure out what works best for you!

You can easily adopt several foolproof methods to pair food and wine. First and foremost, you should remember that the food and wine you want to pair should have similar characteristics. You should think of a porter if you want to have red wine with your lunch or dinner. The reason is that both these items have strong flavors. You should not mix and pair food and wine that consist of characteristics different from each other. 

But mixing wine and food of different characteristics will not always prove to have bad result. Proper pairing will work towards providing a distinct and pleasant element to your overall wining and dining experience.

Experts believe:

  • Wine with citrus taste will go well with chicken laced with butter and garlic sauce. 
  • High alcohol flavored wines should be combined with barbecued dishes such as barbecued meats..
  • Wine with a lot of tannin’s should pair them with dishes rich in salt or protein content.
  • You should enjoy desert wine by mixing sweet wine with your favorite dessert that is moderately sweet. 

But if you you know us, you know we think that you should also trust your own instincts when it comes to combining foods and wines together. Try to figure out what you want to drink and eat. Therefor, sip some wine and take a bite of the food you have prepared in order to figure out what will suit your taste buds. So this means you just need to buy lots of wine to figure out your favorite pairings! If anyone questions you on this it’s ok to let them know the 2 Kennedy Sisters said you had to! 

You should not drink wine that you don’t like!

Experimenting with your wine and food pairing is good, this is how you will find new and fun flavors! 

Try Sweet and Spicy

Best food and wine pairings result from a lot of research and experiment. So yes, we open many bottles of wine to figure out what we like to eat with each of them!  We have been having lots of fun with this 

lately, our new favorite is sweet and spicy! We are loving Sweet Bordeaux’s and just can’t get enough! We really enjoy the mix of the spice while sipping on delicious sweet wine.  You should Grab a Sweet Bordeaux and try it with something spicy! Change up your routine!  You can definitely make great pairings if you get creative. It’s fun and when your doing it make sure to tag us on Instagram




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Napa Valley Giveaway || Hesperian Cab Sauv


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Prize List $500 travel credit, courtesy of Alaska Airlines ‪
2-night stay at River Terrace Inn‬
Hot air balloon ride
Dining experience with Hesperian winemaker Philippe Langner
Luxe ground transportation
Leisurely wine tasting

*Trip must be taken a weekend in January 2019*


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