What a Summer

Well as you all know our summer has been filled with our camping adventures – well Ok, let’s be honest our Glamping adventures!

So as the summer winds down we have put together our Top 10 Summer Picks! We are obsessed with Etsy, and who isn’t! Here are some awesome gifts that we would love and how our crazy summer is going!

Check out the great affiliate links and if you grab something off Etsy we will get a small fee. 

Our Top 10 List:

1. Happy Camper

With this summer being our first summer owning a trailer we had so much fun being out doors and sipping wine and of course searching for our new favorite spiked sparkling water. Our kids were free to roam outside, make new friends and memories to last a lifetime. 

2. Outdoorsy

We are outside a lot more then we have in the past. We are enjoying nature and walks by the river with a bottle of wine with us most times – you follow us on Instagram you know this all too well! But to be fair we are still the same patio lovers. Our trailer is permanently parked on a lot and has 2 great patio spots for us to sip our wine. So are not roughing it at all! haha


3. Campfires

We have been so lucky this summer with meeting so many new friends. We were excited to have a place to get away and have campfires together but we never would have guessed that we would have met so many great people who love to sip wine by the campfire with us! Our camping friends share our love of wine and laughing – they have also opened our minds to a little too much Patron on occasion!


4. Welcome Mats

This summer we have become obsessed with welcome mats! We have mats galore, we are on the look out for some new ones! We are thinking that we need to change them out for every season… Too much?

5. Fire Pits

Sitting around the campfire is one of our favorite things to do. This summer their has been a campfire ban since the beginning of July for us. We love this DIY table top fire pit! Perfect for some beautiful ambiance or even some yummy smores. 

6. Wedding Season

With all this wine and fire pit talk you might think that our summer has been only filled with crazy fun! Well it has, including work! Sheena has been hard at work this wedding season planning some amazing weddings! Check out her beautiful weddings!

7. Reusable Straws

This summer we have not only been more in tune with nature but have trying to watch our environmental foot print. We have been trying out different reusable straws, these ones look super cute! 

8. Best Days

Our best days have been at the trailer for sure or shopping for things we need at the trailer! haha we might have a million signs like these now! This one or “Camping hair, don’t care” are definitely our favs! 

9. Lake Days

This summer was filled with firsts! Including finding a fun new lake to splash around in. We have been visiting Silver Lake in Washington State and loving it! The kids love for us to rent peddle boats and take them for rides! 

10. Cruise Time 

After all that you ask what`s next for the 2 Kennedy sisters! Well our fall will be filled trips to watch the leaves fall at our trailer but we are headed to get Saucy at Sea again! In January we will be taking a Princess Cruise!